As followers of Christ, we are called to reach out into culture with the good news of the gospel. But often we find ourselves at a loss to know how to cross difficult cultural barriers in a natural way.  Could the answer be as simple as through the bridge provided by sports! Every culture loves to play and sports is a language that connects us all. We have discovered that through sport we can go anywhere in the world and share a common passion. This is the connection that begins relationship and bridges culture.
ReadySetGo Level I trains sports leaders, Pastors and others with a passion for sport to cross this bridge into culture and establish the relationships that will open the dialogue for the good news.  

The modules we will cover are:
Ready - the vision of sport ministry
Set - The 9 heart values of the movement.
Go - what are the strategies of the movement The windows of sharing the Gospel How to work as a team Learning through Games Servant Leadership

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